Canine Stability Center

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Canine Stability Center

The Canine Stability Center brings together like minded trainers from both Paw It Forward Dog Training, LLC and Rising Canine Dog Training. Both inspired by the practice and theory of Natural Dog Training, and both offer unique perspectives and approaches to help you and your dog meet your goals.

Their unique approaches and program styles will teach you how to harness and work with your dog’s stress through movement exercises designed to build emotional rapport, resilience and the ability to express the stress they are holding back. This allows the dog to process the world and function well, no matter what.

This training is universal for ALL problems from the most common to the most dangerous. The Canine Stability Center will continue to add like minded services are resources to help meet all of your needs.

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Our training will offer you a new perspective with roots tracing back to how training once was, a partnership between dog and handler that was forged by working with a dog's natural drive. Drive is nature's template through which a dog learns and develops the capacity to be a social, calm, reliable, and happy. Problem behaviors and aggression develop simply because energy and drive were never attracted and channeled to YOU.

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dog will transform!

Our promise to you is that we will inspire and excite you as you learn to view your dog through a new lens, creating unlimited possibilities and developing that bond we all seek. When you join our community, we will take you straight into the heart of the dog and celebrate your journey as you take you first step.


 Come be a part of the movement to partnering with your dog!!!

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