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Canine Stability Center

The Canine Stability Center brings together like minded trainers from both Paw It Forward Dog Training, LLC and Rising Canine Dog Training. Both inspired by the practice and theory of Natural Dog Training, and both offer unique perspectives and approaches to help you and your dog meet your goals.

What is unique about their approaches is that they harness and work with your dog’s stress. All problem behaviors are a result of your dog holding back energy from you. When this happens, it stores in the body as stress. By harnessing your dog’s drive we will teach you how to develop the capacity to work with your dog’s stress and transform all that they are holding back into a feeling of well-being and resolution. When this happens, there are no problems. You are now the universal solution.

This training is universal for ALL problems from the most common to the most dangerous. The Canine Stability Center will continue to add like minded services are resources to help meet all of your needs.

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