Meet Albany - The girl with 9 Lives! Ready for a that you?

Sometimes there is just a quality about a dog you cannot quite explain. Perhaps the dog in our program that has suffered the most awful abuse, Albany's road to recovery has been slow but steady due to the patience and heart of her trainer Tammy Johnson. There is a courageous spirit in Albany that is undeniable yet a fragility that speaks to the human soul. Her capacity to trust and shift in this life has rallied the whole Project Empty Kennel's team to continue this mission. Albany always seemed to have one person in her corner throughout her life keeping her from the euthanasia table. She inspires people around her to do more and to do it better because even the most broken of souls matter in today's world. Albany will need to be an only dog and is looking for the right person to walk by her side in her next life chapter. She loves going for walks in the woods on a long lead and feeling the sensation of
freedom. She resides with her trainer and savior Tammy Johnson of Primitive Dog.