putting the “body” back into canine body language

 Dogs are walking, breathing truth tellers

The "body" is incapable of deception.  This 2 part series will teach you how to bypass human thought with intention that is placed upon our dogs when reading body language. Stop painting your story and begin to let them tell theirs. The body will always cycle through past triggers and imprints as the dog hits their social breakdown point. Your skills at reading body language will be accurate every time as you learn to view the BODY before the MIND. These tools are invaluable to have.  All information is retained for you in a private Facebook study group.

  WORKSHOP 1:   SAT, FEBRUARY 23, 2019 

     from 10:30 AM TO 12:30 PM (COFFEE/SNACKS INCLUDED)

  • The FULL Untainted Social Temperament:  It all begins here!  Puppies are born pure, social and untainted.  Learn how puppies lose access to social temperament as they age, why and how to prevent it.

  • The TAINTED Social Temperament:  When access to temperament becomes corrupted, problems begin. Learn to recognize breakdown points and imprints as the dog begins to tell their stories.

  • Assessment of point of social breakdown:  Watch a dog relive their past in the present moment. PTSD in the BODY cannot lie. This determines ACCURATE assessments based on body movement.

    WORKSHOP 2:  SUN. FEB. 24, 2019  


  • Determining born temperament:  Direct vs. the Indirect Temperament - see how stress is moved differently between the two.

  • Let's Test Your Skills:  Video and live dogs! Take what you’ve learned and put it to the test!

  • Evaluation of BITE RISK: Recognize tell tale red flags for potential and imminent bite. An invaluable tool to have.

  • Certificate of Completion

Location:  Paw It Forward Dog Training @ The Canine Stability Center, 917 River Road, Rotterdam, New York, 12306

Contact:  Jeannie Oakley  518-522-5668 (call or text) or email at jeannie@caninestabilitycenter.com

To Register: (purchase of both workshops includes a certificate of completion and access to content in a private facebook group.

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