founder of paw it forward dog training & Co-Founder of Canine Stability center

jeannie oakley


the dog who led me to channel her drive in order to train...


I founded Paw It Forward Dog Training in 2008. Versed in many modalities, I learned that other main stream models can work through management and a controlled environment, but there was always something lacking. Dogs couldn’t simply be, well, “a dog”. No model said it was okay to roll in mud, carry sticks, bite an object, make physical contact, let your dog win a game of tug, massage work……. all of it was taboo in raising the modern house pet. While dogs looked well behaved after class, that perfect sit always broke down in real life. Owners were frustrated, and rightfully so. The obedience training was not kicking in when owners needed it the most..

In 2011 I met Heather Mach, and it wasn’t long before I knew, she had a special talent to read dogs well. I met Tammy in early 2014. I’ve never met someone so selfless and dedicated to her dogs’ well-being. I met Mark in mid-2014. He came with years of experience and passion to help dogs. The team was born. We all just came together like snug pieces of an amazing puzzle. In 2013, purely by accident, Heather received a book for Christmas called “Your Dog Is Your Mirror”, by Kevin Behan, the theory and practice of Natural Dog Training. Wow, a model that allowed the dog to express drive as a basis for not only building an unbreakable bond, but obedience that doesn’t break down and most exciting, true healing of past trauma. We began studying with Kevin, an amazing world-renowned dog trainer, mentor, and proud to call, a dear friend. Staying true to his model, and eliciting his help and expertise when needed, we’ve made a codified owner friendly way to bring this to life, Canine Stability Training was born.

I’m proud of our unique training, our team, and long list of amazing people we’ve met and helped with their journeys with their dogs, many we now call close dear friends. We welcome owners and dogs into our ever-growing family here at the Canine Stability Center as we continue to honor the drive in each dog we are blessed to work with.

A Tribute To Sheena:

Sometimes a dog comes along that you label your
“Soul Dog”. One that enters your life and awakens you to a new
understanding of true connection. Sheena wore many hats,
beginning with my companion. She soon became my partner in
business, a true canine evaluater and truth teller; able to feel the
dog from the inside out. She taught me to look beyond training
textbooks and science, she taught me to heal dogs with simplicity,
nature, and the thrill of the hunt. Because of her, I see dogs
through her eyes. She was my rock through many battles. Until
the last battle, the one she could not win. I was then her rock, her
partner, her advocate, and her soul, until she was tired, weak, and
frail, and I held her paw, thanked her for teaching me, as she
closed her eyes one last time. Sheena 1/6/06 to 4/1/2018.