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mark shuart


the dog who led me to channel his drive in order to train...


I always had a strong interest in dogs and remember looking through books of different breeds and just being fascinated with all the different types of dogs as a child. I have always seemed to be pulled by the working dog breeds. The first dog was a Rottweiler and he had reactivity to humans and dogs. Because of the issues he had it drove me to learn how to train dogs.

In 2011 I began working at a doggy daycare, this gave me a good chance to observe and practice handling all kinds of dogs. Through observing and trial and error began wondering if something else was out there. Through a mutual friend at the doggy daycare I met Jeannie Oakley and Heather Mach through and was able to see their unique way of training dogs. They told me to read Your Dog Is Your Mirror by Kevin Behan and after reading it I was intrigued on this different way of looking at dogs. I attended one of their workshops on Natural Dog Training. I was immediately hooked and began attending everything they had to offer. They saw the potential and passion to work with big working dogs and gave me an opportunity to work with the team. A forever bond was formed.

In 2015 we all attended one of Kevin Behan's workshops. I was blown away by detail and understanding he has of dogs. From then on, I had gained a deeper insight into how dogs work and what drives them. My passion was born and I'm honored to have Kevin as a mentor to continue my forever quest to learn and teach others what he has taught me.

Some of my other hobbies would be going for nice walks/hikes in the woods, photography, watching football and MMA, playing video games and enjoying a nice campfire with friends.