Learn how to channel your puppy's undeniable drive into confidence and attraction toward the owner, so your puppy grows into a supple, social and reliable adult.

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Puppies are born social, friendly beings with a developing. temperament. The first 2 years of a dog’s life should allow the temperament to expand naturally. Learn how to make YOU the most enticing center of their world by NOT exposing to the world of main stream puppy classes, socialization and stimulus more enticing than you.

The puppy protocol is “LESS IS MORE”. This is the time to begin prepping “come to you” BEFORE the want is corrupted by early “don’t do this/manners” training. Create calm indoors and FUN outdoors.

We will cover all the basics from nutrition, crate training, place training, games, affection and a solid INDOOR and OUTDOOR protocol. This program gives you access to a private Facebook study group. One to three lessons is all you should need to learn everything you need to raise a happy, resilient social dog.


Puppy Protocol 101 with Jeannie