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Heather’s Mission & Promise to you

As a certified trainer of 7 years, I apprenticed under Kevin Behan of Natural Dog training. It was through his methodology that I found the path to helping ALL dogs. Particularly, the difficult dogs, the working breeds, the dog’s with a strong temperament that seem to defy other schools of thought. I began my journey in 2002 with the goal of reaching and helping my tough ole gal, Gracie. I experienced disillusionment and disappointment with current modalities of training until I found Natural Dog Training and through this lens, Gracie and I found the connection I had been searching for.

Today, my passion and mission is to bring Natural Dog training to you. I find that especially the working dog breeds and dogs with a strong temperament, like Gracie, are often the pups that fail in classes and homes. In reality, these dogs could excel with the right training. I hope to reach those of you still searching for a methodology to truly connect with your dog. My promise is to excite you with possibility, teach you a valuable methodology and help you and your dog become the best versions of yourselves. Natural Dog Training is a journey into the heart and soul of your dog’s nature. It is revolutionary and it like no other training out there.