tammy johnson


the dog who led me to channel her drive in order to train...


I was first introduced to Paw It Forward as a client in 2014, needing help with my 3 reactive dogs. Before finding Paw It Forward, I had spent thousands of dollars on training, saw no improvements, and I came broken, frustrated, and feeling defeated.

I began reading “Your Dog Is Your Mirror” by Kevin Behan and began working more closely with the team, spending all my free time observing and learning. I began to see dog training as much more than fixing dogs. I began to question so much about my life.

In 2014, my German Shepherd couldn’t even see a dog in the distance without becoming highly aggressive. I was over my head. With the help of Natural Dog Training and Paw It Forward, I learned the ins and outs of drive training. After months of work, I saw with my own eyes, my German Shepherd, playing with another dog. Who would have thought that channeling a bite into a bite toy would eventually stop a biting problem? I learned there was nothing wrong with my dog, and everything wrong with suppressing the strong drive that she had. I joined the team in 2016. What started as simply assisting in classes has turned into so much more. I became very passionate about helping reactive shelter dogs find the right homes. I began fostering, fundraising, and rehabilitating shelter dogs.

I presently work as a full time Engineer at General Electric, a job I’ve loved for almost 20 years. In 2018 I purchased a home in the country with lots of acreage, trails and woods that will allow me to continue to learn, grow and help dogs in need while providing a satellite location for the Canine Stability Center.

When I’m not working or training, I enjoy spending time with my Fiancé, family, and dogs. I can honestly say, I have no off switch. I spend my time off always in the presence of dogs. I continue to learn from Kevin Behan, it’s a pleasure and honor to watch him work with dog and leaves me in awe. I love our team, I can’t wait to see what we grow into.