step one: making you the solution to all of your dog’s problems.


Resilience & Reliability come naturally when your dog always turns to YOU in moments of confusion and conflict. Our dogs aren’t listening to us because we are correcting them when they are IN conflict. Their association with “conflict” is their human. Learn to work your dog through confusion and conflict by utilizing DRIVE as a basis for “down” and “come” and “pay attention to you”. When obedience becomes the SOLUTION, your dog chooses it.

Begin with a predictable indoor and outdoor that protocol while utilizing drive based core exercises and begin to see problem behaviors dissipate.

THIS IS “People Training For Dogs”. I am more than your trainer, I am your mentor, accountability partner, cheerleader and coach. With access to me during sessions and access to an interactive study group, you’ll never feel alone. You got this… I got you!

lifestyle program Includes:

  • Private one-on-one lessons held here at the Center.   

  • Access to a private interactive Facebook study group.

  • An INDOOR and OUTDOOR protocol to enhance your results.

  • Expanding temperament & healing poor imprints with team building core exercises…..inspired by Natural Dog Training.

  • Creating reliability under pressure by working with past triggers.

  • Access to me throughout each week for coaching and support.

purchase individual lessons or packages. we work at your dog’s pace.

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