WELCOME! private coaching & training with online learning

let’s begin!

I’m glad you’re here! I’m excited to help you! Let’s begin with some information that will be helpful for you to begin your journey.

  • Private lessons are held here at my Cozy training center located in Rotterdam, New York.

  • Lessons can range from 60-90 minutes.

  • I work from home and can work around your busy schedule with flexible lesson days and times.

  • This is a place of safety. Always feel welcomed and open to enjoy the process as we work at the dog’s capacity and pace.

  • With predictable protocols, you’re training will never be confusing. As your personal coach, I’m always here for you.

  • Enjoy access to an interactive online study group in a Facebook platform jam packed with information including alumni “Mentors” which are owners JUST LIKE YOU that have been through training.

Adult Dog Training Program Includes:

3 Private Lessons

Access to an Interactive Study Group including learning modules, mentors. Upload video, ask questions, enjoy weekly added content.

Purchasing packages gives you a discounted rate per session. Renew as often as you’d like or purchase an individual session.

Adult Dog Private Training